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Don’t Let Pet Stains And Odors Take Over Your Snohomish County Home!

Don't Let Pet Stains And Odors Take Over Your Snohomish County Home!You want results when you hire a local company for pet odor and stain elimination in Snohomish County. The best team to call for incredible results is our trained staff at Keep Clean Carpet Cleaning. We do our best to provide quality services you can count on and results that make it well worth the investment to clean your carpeting and upholstery professionally.

Accidents happen as much as pet owners love their four-legged family members. We are the number one answer for local carpet cleaning companies whenever you notice pet urine issues. You can look to us for standard and restorative options to rid your textiles of stains and lingering pet odors.

Our Processes Work

Deep cleaning is required to eliminate stains and pet odor from carpeting. We neutralize pet odors with our specialized treatments, which also handle all tough stains and dirt that other carpet cleaners cannot touch.

Don’t Trust DIY

Even if you have a carpet cleaning machine or borrow or rent one, pet odors can linger long after your initial passes dry. Most traditional carpet cleaners and products will simply dampen the pet stain and spread it out further into the carpeting.

Here at Keep Clean Carpet Cleaning, we use odor elimination technologies and eco-friendly solutions to thoroughly eliminate stubborn stains, dirt, and strong odors from carpets.

Let Us Detect Pet Accidents For You!

Our team utilizes unique lights that help us to locate and eliminate all areas where accidents have happened. Doing so helps us to ensure all areas get a thorough treatment so we can get you the results you need.

Keep Clean Carpet Cleaning is your local pet odor and stain eliminating team in Snohomish County. Call for an estimate at (425) 584-2805. We are available for cleaning services for your rugs, carpets, and upholstery!

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