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Hiring A Commercial Carpet Cleaning Professional Makes A Difference

Hiring A Commercial Carpet Cleaning Professional Makes A Difference

For some Bothell businesses, trying to maintain their commercial carpeting is the bane of their existence. Even if you have an excellent in-house maintenance staff, there are many times when you need to give your carpeting some extra attention. Keep Clean Carpet Cleaning wants you to know that we are the best team in your area when you need a commercial carpet cleaning professional.

Let’s face it, cleaning never tops the list of favorite activities. But for a business owner, ensuring your commercial space always puts its best face forward is imperative. Professional cleaning and maintenance for all your floor coverings will help ensure your space looks good, and you have a healthy environment for everyone that enters the building.

How Are Your Entryways?

If your commercial space was initially designed properly, there should be a flooring system that works to trap all excess moisture and dirt by the door. This reduces the spread of this grime and debris into other areas while adding traction for safety.

Did you know? You cut back on carpet damage and toxins by vacuuming all walk-off areas and entryways for your business daily.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning On Your Schedule

Your needs for carpet care might be vastly different than the business next door. Keep Clean Carpet Cleaning is happy to tailor a plan to help ensure your business has clean carpeting at all times. We are available for the following:

  • Stain removal
  • Spot cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • Deep cleaning
  • Overnight carpet cleaning

You can feel confident in our services, technicians, and all our carpeting products. Every product we use to clean your commercial carpets has been researched, thoroughly tested, and gets a seal of approval before they get added to our roster.

Talk with our Keep Clean Carpet Cleaning team about your Bothell business’s commercial carpet cleaning needs. Call us at (425) 584-2805.

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