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Investing In Upholstery Deodorizing

Investing In Upholstering Deodorizing

Keep Clean Carpet Cleaning is here to provide you with all the carpet and upholstery services you need. In addition to cleaning and protectants, we also offer professional upholstery deodorizing for items like valances, drapes, upholstered furniture, and more. This service is perfect for eliminating stale odors in your Gold Bar home and adding a fresh touch to couches, sofas, chairs, and other surfaces.

How Does Drapery Deodorizing Work?

Our skilled technicians at Keep Clean Carpet Cleaning offer convenient, efficient drapery cleaning that never requires removal for cleaning off-site. All drapes get cleaned in place, so you never have to worry about bare windows. Additionally, you never have the hassle of needing to send your drapes anywhere.

Is Upholstery Deodorizing Worth It?

Many stubborn upholstery odors get removed with professional cleaning. However, we also address deep-seated odors using effective yet gentle cleansers that give you a convenient, efficient clean. There are countless benefits from hiring us to handle your upholstery cleaning and deodorizing, including:

  • Removal of spills, pet odors, transferred soils, and other various odors
  • Easily handles all stubborn odors from upholstered furniture and upholstered surfaces to provide fresher spaces
  • Customized deodorizing can handle sweat, mildew, pet urine, and many other unpleasant-smelling spills

Remember that your love seats, couches, and other upholstered furnishings offer a comfy place to sit and add to your home’s ambiance. Because of this, you never want anything like unwanted odors to get in the way of their purpose.

Upholstery can trap dirt particles, malodors, and airborne allergens, all of which we can remove and freshen using our proven methods and industrial-grade equipment and products. We are happy to come to your home to provide you with a detailed estimate to ensure you get the desired results at a price you can afford.

Upholstery deodorizing is something we do best at Keep Clean Carpet Cleaning. Call us out to your Gold Bar home by dialing (425) 584-2805.

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