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Professional, Effective Area Rug Stain Removal Local To Mountlake Terrace

Slight accidents within your Mountlake Terrace home are bound to happen, but the aftermath of spilled beverages or food should not have to linger forever on your area rugs. Whether you have a crowd over for dinner, you have kids working on a project, or you are cleaning up after pets, things are bound to get messy. Through it all, Keep Clean Carpet Cleaning is here whenever you need someone to assist with area rug stain removal to bring your rugs back to pre-accident condition.

The Oops Moment

Nobody plans to have an oops moment where something spills on their area rug. Whether you have braided rugs, an oriental rug, or another style, you need to know how to act until we can get there for professional cleaning. Once you have a stain on your rug, learning the best spotting solutions could help avoid permanent damage to the rug fibers. Important – know that many over-the-counter remedies will not work and might set the stain you wish to remove.

Food or Urine Spills

In the event of either type of spill, the problem is handled best if you treat the spot as soon as possible before the spill can dry. Carefully blot the liquid with a clean, white cloth or paper towel. You may also try to rinse out as much of the spill as you can by dabbing the area with a moist paper towel or white cloth.

Note: Never scrub your wool or silk area rug fibers. Too much agitation of the pile could cause the stain to spread, thus damaging the fibers.

Why Call the Professionals?

Many area rugs can last for generations if you care for them properly. Our Keep Clean Carpet Cleaning team can get to work as soon as possible to help limit the damage to your area rugs. In many instances, we can also walk you through the initial treatment process until we can use our professional methods.

Keep Clean Carpet Cleaning is available in the Mountlake Terrace for local area rug stain removal. Call us at (425) 584-2805 for an appointment.

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