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Your Health is Our #1 Priority

All of our cleaning products are thoroughly researched, tested and approved. Many cleaning products cause unwanted reactions for people with allergies and asthma. Every cleaning solution we use is healthy for our customer, our cleaning technicians and the environment. We only use products that are non-toxic, eco-friendly and child and pet safe.  Keeping your children and pets safe with our solution that leaves no chemical residues. It is safe for families with allergies and asthma because no harsh chemicals are left behind to attract new dirt or pollens. Your carpets will not get the typical chemical odor associated with most carpet cleaners after they dry out, which can cause headaches or nausea in some people.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If any problems arises with your carpets after our cleaning process, We will return to your home and take care of it within 31 days from the time of service.

We will refund you 100% if your carpets are not exceptionally cleaner once we are done with the cleaning process.

Local & Owner Operated

Our passion is to provide service and educate our customers on carpet and carpet cleaning as much as they want. The customer is always heard and understood through the whole entire process.

Very Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning 

Very low moisture carpet cleaning can provide a thorough and deep cleaning of your carpet fibers without pushing soil or urine into your carpet padding. This removes the risk wicking entirely and is the absolute best option when treating carpets with urine. Dry time is 1 hour.